Lip gloss

Christian Dior

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil

US$ 55.25
A nourishing, cherry oil-infused glossy lip oil with a non-sticky, non-greasy oil texture. Combines the mirror shine of a gloss with the comfort of...

Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer

US$ 62.40
A non-sticky, sheer & plumping lip gloss
Sale -18%

GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper

US$ 28.60
US$ 35.10
A volumizing lip treatment that plumps lips quickly

Diamonds & Ice, Please Lip Topper

US$ 13.65
An ultra-shimmering, sparkling lip gloss
Sale -13%

Mineralist Lip Gloss Balm

US$ 24.70
US$ 28.60
A vegan lip gloss & balm hybrid
Sale -8%

Lip Comfort Oil Intense

US$ 34.45
US$ 37.70
A lightweight hydrating liquid lip color

Love Me Liquid Lipcolour

US$ 36.40
A hydrating, creamy liquid lip colour
Sale -9%
Lipstick Queen

Seven Deadly Sins Lip Gloss

US$ 30.55
US$ 33.80
A seductive, super-shine lip gloss
Sale -21%

Phyto Lip Delight

US$ 61.10
US$ 78.00
A light, transparent lip care that gives a soothing effect all day long

Multi Use Gloss (For Cheeks & Lips)

US$ 33.15
A limited-edition, multi-use tint for cheeks, eyes & lips
Sale -3%
Giorgio Armani

Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Color (Liquid Lipstick)

US$ 56.55
US$ 58.50
This full coverage liquid lipstick gives bold neon shades

Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquer

US$ 16.25
A luxurious, subtly-scented lip gloss
Sale -34%
Giorgio Armani

Lip Magnet Second Skin Intense Matte Color

US$ 32.50
US$ 49.40
Lip Magnet Second Skin Intense Matte Color
Sale -8%

Rose Perfecto Liquid Lip Balm

US$ 46.15
US$ 50.70
A hydrating & plumping tinted lip balm with 97% skincare ingredients
Sale -46%

Essential Lip Gloss

US$ 11.05
US$ 20.80
A super high shine lip gloss

La Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour'Ink

US$ 42.90
A new-generation, subtly-scented liquid lipstick
Sale -39%
Laura Mercier

Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour

US$ 22.10
US$ 36.40
A fresh, creamy fluid lip color
Sale -6%

Lip Comfort Oil Shimmer

US$ 35.10
US$ 37.70
A lip tint infused with pure plant oils. Helps plump & luscious lips with non-sticky texture. Contains a blend of three aromatic plant oils to...
Sale -12%

L'Absolu Lacquer Buildable Shine & Color Longwear Lip Color

US$ 30.55
US$ 35.10
A brilliant, long-wearing lip color
PUR (PurMinerals)

Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

US$ 25.35
A long-wearing matte liquid lip color

Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss

US$ 28.60
The nourishing formula contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps lock in moisture & leaves lips looking plump with hydration Enriched with a unique mix...

Stolen Kiss

US$ 38.35
A moisturizing, long-wearing lipgloss

W Lip Rouge & Crystal

US$ 59.80
A double-ended lip colour that combines rouge & gloss

Be Legendary Liquid Lip

US$ 34.45
A lightweight, two-in-one liquid lip color

Always On Liquid Lipstick

US$ 35.10
A lightweight, liquid matte lipstick
Sale -12%
Jane Iredale

HydroPure Hyaluronic Lip Gloss

US$ 31.85
US$ 36.40
An ultra-hydrating & restorative lip gloss
Sale -5%
Edward Bess

Deep Shine Lip Gloss

US$ 53.95
US$ 57.20
Offers vibrant, glamorous color

Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour

US$ 71.50
A long-lasting liquid lipstick
Laura Mercier

Glace Touch Eye. Cheek. Lip Gloss

US$ 41.60
A sheer, lightweight & non-sticky gloss for eyes, cheeks & lips
INIKA Organic

Certified Organic Lip Glaze

US$ 33.80
A natural, organic & mineral-based lip gloss
Sale -4%
Lipstick Queen

Reign & Shine Lip Gloss

US$ 26.00
US$ 27.30
A glamorous lipgloss that defines lips with a new dimension

Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss

US$ 29.90
A velvety-smooth, nourishing lip gloss
Sale -19%
Estee Lauder

Pure Color Envy Kissable Lip Shine - # 307 Wicked Gleam (Unboxed) 2.7ml/0.09oz

US$ 13.65
US$ 16.90
Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for a lightweight, hydrating texture. Provides luminous, sheer colour and comfort. The brush allows for effortless...
Sale -2%
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Liquid Lipstick

US$ 25.35
US$ 26.00
A long-lasting, full-pigment matte liquid lipstick
Surratt Beauty

Automatique Lip Crayon

US$ 52.65
A creamy, super-saturated lipstick
Sale -31%
Juice Beauty

Phyto Pigments Liquid Lip

US$ 21.45
US$ 31.20
A new & improved liquid lip color
Sale -7%
Giorgio Armani

Ecstasy Mirror

US$ 46.80
US$ 50.70
A lip lacquer that offers mirror-shine & intense color. Formulated with high levels of pigments & dyes. Delivers shine & vivid, intense color in a...
Sale -4%
Bobbi Brown

Crushed Oil Infused Gloss

US$ 39.65
US$ 41.60
An ultra-shiny, non-sticky & moisturizing lip gloss
Yves Saint Laurent

Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

US$ 57.20
A two-in-one lip & cheek color
Sale -7%

Natural Matt' N Stay Lips

US$ 24.05
US$ 26.00
A handy pencil that provides vibrant color for lips

Lip gloss is a cosmetic product that adds shine, volume, and a shimmery effect to the lips. Here's some information about lip gloss:

1. Finish and Shades: Lip gloss comes in various shades, ranging from clear to vibrant colors. It can also contain micro-shimmer or glitter particles to create a shiny and sparkly effect on the lips.

2. Moisturization and Softness: Many lip glosses contain moisturizing ingredients that help soften and hydrate the lips. This is particularly beneficial for dry and chapped lips.

3. Visual Effect: Lip gloss gives the lips a plump and glossy appearance, making them look more luscious and appealing. It can be worn on its own or layered over other lip products.

4. Application: Lip gloss is applied to the lips using an applicator wand or brush. It can be used as a standalone product or in combination with lipstick or lip liner.

5. Longevity: Some lip glosses have long-wearing formulas that provide lasting shine on the lips, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

CosmoStore offers a wide range of lip glosses from various brands. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing a lip gloss that matches your preferences and helps you achieve the desired shiny effect for your lips.

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