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Rapid Lash

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum (With Hexatein 2 Complex) (Unboxed) 3ml/0.1oz

US$ 57.20
US$ 65.00
A safe & gentle eyebrow enhancing serum
Estee Lauder

Brow Now Stay In Place Brow Gel

US$ 35.75
Features a clear brush-on gel formula that does not flake. Helps tame, set & style brows Boasts a mini mascara brush that grooms & shapes with...
Sale -4%

The Eyebrow Pencil

US$ 42.25
US$ 44.20
This brow pencil helps shape and define the brows with precision. Has a velvety texture for easy application especially on sparse areas. Great for...
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Billion Dollar Brows

Brow Conditioner 3ml/0.1oz

US$ 35.75
US$ 37.70
A daily use eyebrow conditioning serum
Sale -20%
Babe Lash

Defining Brow Creme

US$ 31.20
US$ 39.00
A brow cream to enhance natural brows with definition
Sale -2%
Sigma Beauty

Fill + Blend Brow Pencil

US$ 24.05
US$ 24.70
A dual-ended, long-wearing brow pencil
Sale -1%
Shu Uemura

H9 Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil

US$ 33.15
US$ 33.80
A unique eyebrow pencil that contains oil-activated formula
Laura Mercier

Eye Brow Pencil With Groomer Brush

US$ 34.45
Eye Brow Pencil With Groomer Brush
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Highlighting Duo Pencil

US$ 37.05
A dual-sided highlighting & defining eyebrow pencil
Sale -8%
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil

US$ 29.90
US$ 32.50
An ultra-slim, retractable eyebrow pencil for detailing
Sale -16%
Elizabeth Arden

Beautiful Color Brow Perfector

US$ 30.55
US$ 36.40
Beautiful Color Brow Perfector

RevitaBrow Hi Def Brow Gel (Tinted)

US$ 46.80
A multi-tasking mineral tint styling gel for brows
Sale -19%
Jane Iredale

PureBrow Brow Gel

US$ 27.30
US$ 33.80
Formulated with a unique blend of high-tech sea minerals

Precisely My Brow Pencil (Ultra Fine Brow Defining Pencil)

US$ 33.80
A dual-end, super-fine eyebrow pencil
Amazing Cosmetics

Brow Powder

US$ 22.75
A transforming eyebrow powder
Sale -3%
Billion Dollar Brows

Brows On Point Waterproof Micro Brow Pencil

US$ 20.15
US$ 20.80
A mechanical, self-sharpening brow pencil

Define It Brow Pencil

US$ 32.50
A dual-ended brow pencil & spoolie
La Suffren

ProMatic Slim Browliner Hazelnut

US$ 9.75
- Natural looking makeup finish- Modern retractable ProMatic- Waterproof- 3 shades for selection #01N-Grey Black, #02N-Mocca, #03N-Hazelnut 
Sale -3%
Estee Lauder

Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil

US$ 35.75
An innovative, dual-ended gel pencil

Eye Brows Styler

US$ 30.55
A mircofine double-ended brow styler
Sale -29%
Winky Lux

Uni Brow Gel 5g/0.18oz

US$ 26.00
A universally flattering clear brow gel

BrowFood Ultra Fine Brow Pencil Duo

US$ 33.15
A high performance brow pencil that gives natural-looking brows
Sale -3%
Bobbi Brown

Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil

US$ 56.55
US$ 58.50
A 16-hour wear, automatic brow pencil
Make up for Ever

Aqua Resist Brow Definer 24H Waterproof Micro Tip Pencil

US$ 38.35
A waterproof micro tip brow pencil that replicates the look of real hair

RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner 3ml + Hi Def Brow Pencil 0.14g (Warm...

US$ 160.55
1x RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner 3ml/0.101oz

RevitaBrow Hi Def Brow Pencil

US$ 46.15
RevitaBrow Hi Def Brow Pencil - Warm Brown
Sigma Beauty

Color + Shape Brow Powder Duo

US$ 26.00
A finely milled powder duo for eye brows
Sigma Beauty

Tint + Tame Brow Gel

US$ 26.65
A lightweight brow gel with a built-in spoolie brush
Sale -2%
Billion Dollar Brows

Brow Duo Pencil 3.6g/0.13oz

US$ 22.75
US$ 23.40
A 2-in-1 eyebrow pencil combining a highlighter with a concealer
DR. Hauschka

Brow & Lash Gel

US$ 28.60
A transparent gel that shapes, fixes eyelashes & eyebrows
Sale -10%

Brow InkTrio

US$ 27.95
US$ 31.20
A smart 3-in-1 tool for defining and shaping brows. Features a slim, retractable pencil for natural-looking strokes. Includes a sponge-tip with...
Sale -36%
Plume Science

Nourish & Define Refillable Brow Pencil

US$ 24.05
US$ 37.70
A 100% natural brow pomade

Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Fiber Gel

US$ 35.10
A volumizing tinted eyebrow gel
Sale -3%
Billion Dollar Brows

Clear Brow Gel 3ml/0.1oz

US$ 20.15
US$ 20.80
An eyebrow fixing & finishing gel

Brow Perfector

US$ 33.15
A silky, adjustable eyebrow pencil
Sale -34%
Diego Dalla Palma Milano

The Brow Studio Design Eyebrow Powder

US$ 21.45
US$ 32.50
An innovative ultra-fine brow powder
Urban Decay

Brow Endowed Volumizer (Primer+Color)

US$ 39.65
A double-ended tool for the brows
Eyebrow makeup is the process of shaping, filling, and accentuating the eyebrows using various cosmetic products. Here's some information about eyebrow makeup:

1. Eyebrow Pencils: Eyebrow pencils are used to fill in gaps and define the shape of the eyebrows. They come in various shades to match the natural color of the eyebrows. Eyebrow pencil is applied with gentle strokes along the brows to create a natural and realistic look.

2. Eyebrow Powders: Eyebrow powders help give the eyebrows a fuller appearance and fill in areas with sparse hair. They are applied using an applicator or brush, and the color intensity and depth can be adjusted.

3. Eyebrow Gels: Eyebrow gels are used to groom and set the eyebrows, emphasizing their shape and providing long-lasting hold. They can be clear or have a slight tint to give the brows a subtle shade.

4. Eyebrow Stencils: Eyebrow stencils are tools that assist in creating a specific brow shape. They can be used as a guiding template to achieve symmetrical and well-defined brows.

5. Tips and Recommendations: When doing eyebrow makeup, it's important to follow the natural shape of your brows and choose products that match the color and texture of your natural eyebrows. Before using any eyebrow cosmetics, make sure they are suitable for your skin type and won't cause irritation.

CosmoStore offers a wide range of eyebrow makeup products from top brands. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing the right products that suit your preferences and help create the desired effect for your eyebrows.

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